Quoiromantic is an alternative to a romantic orientation label, originally known as wtfromantic.

The coiner of the quoi- prefix, Cor (epochryphal), defines being quoiromantic as 1) actively disidentifying with romance/romantic attraction/romantic orientation as sensible/applicable categories for you, or 2) feeling that these categories are personally inaccessible, inapplicable, or non-sensical.[1] The premise of the quoi- identity challenges the idea that these concepts are universally applicable and relevant.[2]

Quoiromanticism was first named as such in 2012. Before that, in 2011, the original term was Wtfromantic, introduced by Sciatrix.[3]

Quoiromantic experiences may include:

  • Being unsure if you experience romantic attraction or not
  • Being unable to understand attraction as a concept or feeling
  • Finding the concept of attraction to be inaccessible, inapplicable, or nonsensical
  • Being unable to pin down a clear understanding of romantic attraction, so being unable to say whether or not you experience it
  • Having a difficulty distinguishing romantic attraction from other types of attraction, or being unable to distinguish them at all
  • Questioning romanticism for such a long time that the questioning itself becomes the identity, rather than a path toward any other more stable identity
  • Struggling with romanticism because it feels to complicated
  • Simply not feeling that any other romantic orientation label is applicable

Quoi- flag proposed by epochryphal

A flag design for the quoi identity was proposed by epochryphal in 2015: a circle of 4 lavender question marks sharing a single dot, on a cool grey house shape with a white or transparent background.[4]

Other terms that are similar include gray-romantic, idemromantic, platoniromantic, and quasiromantic.


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