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It's called a friendship
Queerplatonic is an internet neologism for a particular relational form. It describes relationships which are not romantic but nonetheless involve a an intense emotional connection beyond what most people now consider normal for a friendship. [ *]
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The term comes from the idea of queering relationships and ideas and perceptions about them. It appears to have been coined, at least in part, by tumblr user [ se-smith] . It is not intended to describe the orientation or gender of an individual in such a relationship. [ *]
People in a queerplatonic can be romantic or aromantic, asexual, straight, gay, queer, bi, lesbian, trans, or cis; Queerplatonic is available to all orientations and identities. Individuals in a queerplatonic relationship may consider themselves partners, with a sense of commitment similar to what is seen in romantic relationships. Such relationships can be had in all different configurations, as well, as in polyamorous or polyfidelitous relationships. Queerplatonic relationships can be sexual relationships, but are always defined by intense but nonromantic attachment.
[ Spectra-Fidelis] described queerplatonic relationships thus:
<blockquote>"If you'd picture romance with taper candles over dinner, and sexual relationship as a queen bed, I would try picturing the queerplatonic as string lights over tea and a bunk bed with tin can-and-wire phones between them. The same, but not."<blockquote> </blockquote></blockquote>

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It's called a friendship