These are myths about aromanticism.

  • Myth: Aromantics don't like hugging, cuddling or being touched.
  • Truth: Many aromantics do not have any aversion whatsoever to hugging, cuddling or being touched.

  • Myth: Aromantics do not experience attraction.
  • Truth: Aromantics may experience platonic attraction, as in a strong desire to be in a platonic relationship with somebody. They also may experience squishes, the platonic version of romantic crushes.

  • Myth: Aromantics are not affectionate.
  • Truth: Aromantics only don't experience romantic attraction. They may or may not be affectionate.

  • Myth: Aromantics do not want to be in a relationship.
  • Truth: Aromantics usually prefer to only be friends with others. They may be interested in platonic relationships or queerplatonic relationships. However, some aromantics can still want romantic relationships despite the lack of attraction.

  • Myth: Aromantics are loners.
  • Truth: Aromantics do not benefit from the privileges of a romantic relationship. But they may have other people close to them, like their family and friends, or those they are in a close platonic relationship with.

  • Myth: Aromantics prefer sexual relationships over romantic relationships.
  • Truth: Aromantics usually prefer friendships. They may enjoy a sexual relationship without any romantic aspects ("friends with benefits"). Others feel sexual attraction without feeling desire to have sex. Others are asexual.

  • Myth: Aromantics don't like candlelit dinners.
  • Truth: There are some aromantics that are interested in candlelit dinners.

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