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[[File:Placeholder|right|300px]]Grey-Aromantic aka Grey-Romantic, Gray-Aromantic, & Gray-Romantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. it is often described as falling somewhere bettween allormantic & aromantic.
[[File:Greyromantic flag.webp|thumb|The greyromantic flag.]]
[[File:Alternate greyromantic flag.webp|thumb|Alternate greyromantic flag.]]
[[File:Alternate greygender flag (2).webp|thumb|Alternate greygender flag.]]
'''Gray-romantic''' (also known as '''Grey-romantic''',''' Gray-aromantic/Grey-aromantic''',''' '''or '''Gray/Grey''') is a [[romantic orientation]] on the [[aromantic spectrum]].
Grey-Aromantic individuals may feel
On the aromantic community flag, the two green stripes symbolize the aromantic spectrum, including gray-romanticism.<ref>[ Aromantic Flag]</ref>
* like they sometimes experience romantic attraction, rarely/infrequently
* Experiencing romantic attraction but not desiring romantic relationships
* Experiencing attraction that is not quite platonic and not quite romantic
* Experiencing attraction that is a mixture of platonic and romantic
* Basically anything that isn’t 100% platonic but also isn’t 100% romantic
* an umbrella/catch all term for those who fall on the aromantic spectrum that identify as anything other than aromantic.
grayromantic can include lithromantic, demiromantic, quoiromantic, aroflux. etc.
Gray-romantic experiences may include:
* Feeling "between" [[aromantic]] and not
* Identifying with some elements of [[aromantic]]ism or the [[aromantic spectrum]], without identifying as solely aromantic
* Only infrequently or rarely experiencing [[romantic attraction]]
* Feeling unsure about how to identify romantic attraction or how to draw the line between romantic and nonromantic, and consequently feeling unsure about having experienced it or not
* Experience romantic attraction without the desire to act on it<ref>[ Why Do You Identify as Gray-romantic?]</ref>
* Experiencing attraction that is only ambiguously romantic <ref>[ Greyromanticism 301]</ref>
Like anyone else, gray-romantic people can be romance-indifferent, romance-repulsed, or romance-favorable and may identify with any sexual orientation.
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