Aromantics Wiki

The aromantic spectrum encompasses people who feel that their romantic orientation is not within the bounds of what is traditionally considered romantic. They may lack romantic attraction to people, or experience it so rarely or in such a way that they relate more strongly to aromantic experiences than romantic ones.

Aro-Spec Identities

(Note: This list will not cover all identities, and only lists the identities with minimal description. See actual wiki pages for more details if available)

  1. Aromantic: Someone who does not experience romantic attraction.
  2. Grey/Grayromantic: Someone who experiences romantic attraction very rarely or only in very specific circumstances.
  3. Demiromantic: Someone who experiences romantic attraction after an emotional bond has been formed often after a period of time.
  4. Lithromantic: Someone who enjoys romance or experiences attraction only in theory.
  5. Quoiromantic: Someone who is questioning their romantic orientation, unsure, or rejects the general concepts behind typical romantic orientations (see page for details and a more nuanced definition).
  6. Idemromantic: Not being able to differentiate between platonic and romantic attraction in the typical way.
  7. Apothiromantic: A romance-repulsed aromantic.
  8. Autochorisromantic: Someone who feels a disconnect between themselves and the target of their romantic attraction.
  9. Cupioromantic: Aromantics who desire romantic relationships.
  10. Recipromantic: Someone who only becomes romantically attracted to people who they know like them (in a romantic sense).
  11. Abroromantic: Someone with a fluid romantic orientation.